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If you're looking for a stallion that will put a great mind on your colts YO BLUE COOP will.  He is 34% Blue Valentine bred and will not throw a red legged foal.  Tons of bone!!  Blue Valentine has always been known for their longevity and soundness.  Coop stamps his colts with his bone.  Coop is one of those special stallions that rides like a gelding.  He knows when he can be a stallion and when it's time to get to work. I've day worked on this big guy with mares in heat.  Jack donkey's annoying him to death while gathering pastures.  He never pays them any mind.  I've bred mares then used him and the mare he just bred to gather pastures.  Hauled them together and rode side by side.  He passes that same disposition to his colts.  VERY trainable and gentle!! He is five panel tested and is n/gb but has never passed GBED to his colts.  I do NOT recommend breeding a mare that is a carrier.  I've won tons of money on this horse sorting and several ranch rodeo buckles.  He's been used to pick up broncs.  He'll hold anything you're brave enough to throw a loop on.  He's got heart and will absolutely take care of his rider!!  

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